Hera Park Breathe Composer 2024
Luke Howard Laulasmaa Piano 2023
Rob Grant Lost At Sea Co-producer 2023
Luke Howard Agatha (single) Producer 2022
Luke Howard All of Us Producer 2022
Shannen James Unreleased single Piano 2022
Tim Shiel Together Again Piano 2021
Luke Howard Trio The Sanctuary Producer 2021
Voces 8 There Is A Solitude Composer 2021
Luke Howard Passion / Sleep Producer 2021
Washington My Happiness Piano 2021
Luke Howard & Tilman Robinson Dark Angels Producer 2020
Washington Lazarus Drug Piano, synth 2020
Jess Gillam Dappled Light Composer 2020
Memphis LK Unreleased single Piano 2020
Luke Howard All That Is Not Solid Producer 2020
Luke Howard Trio The Shadow Producer 2020
Luke Howard The Sand That Ate The Sea Producer 2019
Joseph Tawadros Betrayal of a Sacred Sunflower Piano 2019
Luke Howard Beating Heart Stories Producer 2019
Eilish Gilligan The Pull Engineer 2019
Dustin Tebbutt Unreleased remix Producer 2019
Luke Howard More Heart Stories Producer 2018
Snorri Hallgrímsson Týnd er tunga þín Remix 2018
Tim Shiel Glowing Pains Piano 2018
Luke Howard Open Heart Story Producer 2018
Nat Bartsch Forever, and No Time At All Producer 2018
Sam Evans The Tabla Project Piano 2018
Anton Delecca Quartet Unreleased album Piano 2018
Thelma Plum Unreleased single Piano 2017
Tilman Robinson & Luke Howard Requiem for 2016 Producer 2017
Manos Milonakis Sólfar Reworked Piano 2017
Ed Carlsen The Journey Tapes (Deluxe Edition) Piano 2016
Natalie Carolan I Sleep Piano 2016
The Hush Foundation Hush Collection Volume 16 Piano 2016
Luke Howard Eighty-Eight Days Producer 2016
Braille Face Koya Piano 2016
Luke Howard Two Places Producer 2016
Luke Howard Forgotten Postcards Producer 2016
Luke Howard Trio The Electric Night Descends Piano 2016
Thomas Rouch The Will To Fly OST Piano 2015
Simon Starr 27/04 Piano 2015
Gian Slater Unreleased album Piano 2015
Shelley Segal Unreleased album Piano 2015
Tim Shiel Duet: Encore Chapters Piano 2015
Louisa Rankin Papier-mâché Piano 2015
Luke Howard & Nadje Noordhuis Ten Sails Producer 2015
Grigoryan Brothers Longplay Composer 2014
Luke Howard Two & One Producer 2014
Josh Holt Reaching In To Get Out Piano 2014
Luke Howard Night, Cloud Producer 2014
Tim Shiel Duet Duets Remix 2014
Lior Scattered Reflections Piano 2014
Tim Shiel Duet OST Piano 2013
David Blyth Winter Song Piano 2013
Alex & Nilusha (feat. Mike Stern) Falling Piano 2013
Dan Nilsson Everything Doesn't Matter Piano 2013
Anton Delecca Quartet The Healer Piano 2013
Catherine Saliba Until Now Piano 2013
MAY Something To Do With Black Piano 2013
Luke Howard Sun, Cloud Producer 2013
Luke Howard Trio A Dove, A Lion, A Coast, A Pirate Piano 2013
Nico Muhly Drones & Piano Assistant 2012
Valgeir Sigurðsson Architecture of Loss Assistant 2012
Jaimi Faulkner Turn Me Around Arranger 2012
Nico Muhly Drones Assistant 2012
Nico Muhly Drones & Viola Assistant 2012
Darryn Farrugia Seeds Piano 2012
Henry Joseph The Victorys Piano 2012
Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason Solaris Assistant 2011
Jonathan Skovron In The Land Piano 2011
Sudden Weather Change Sculpture Piano 2011
Henry Joseph Brand New Start Piano 2011
Luke Howard / Janos Bruneel Open Road Piano 2011
Jessica Paige Once Upon A Time Piano 2011
The Hush Foundation Hush Collection Volume 10 Composer 2010
Luke Howard Trio The Meadowlands Piano 2010
Magnolia This Is (Magnolia) Producer 2010
Christine Sullivan Away Piano 2010
MAY Smoke In The City Piano 2009
Phil Gould Watertight Rhodes 2009
Australian Jewish Music Ensemble Pazit Piano 2009
Glenn Cannon Clockwork Piano 2009
The National Living Treasures The National Living Treasures Piano 2009
FGHR Going Home Piano 2009
Al Slavik Trust Piano 2009
Michael Story Trio So You Want More Piano 2009
Fiona Roake Untitled Piano 2009
The National Living Treasures Wide Music Piano 2008
FGHR Stationary Piano 2007
Becky Fox Allure Piano 2007
Don Banks Nexus Piano 2007
Michael Story Trio Michael Story Trio Piano 2006
The Daytime Frequency Sun Opus Is Upon Us Piano 2005
Liz Flynn Hush Piano 2005
Mark Lockett and Paul Van Ross Live At Spleen Piano 2005
Slava Grigoryan and Al Slavik Continental Shift Piano 2005
Phil Dearing and Blue Train Drive Coffin Fast Piano 2004
Glenn Cannon Leverage Piano 2004
Still UK Still Piano 2004
Luke Howard Montreux Jazz Festival Piano 2001
Dan Nilsson Rufus Stone Piano 2001


Unicorn Films Kid Snow Piano 2023
Made Up Stories The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Additional Composer 2023
Max Pollard Nursery Composer 2023
Birmingham Royal Ballet Interlinked Composer 2022
THIS. Film Studio Skategoat Composer 2022
Arini Kai Cullen Byng Remember What You Heard When You Weren’t Listening Piano 2021
Back To Back Theatre The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes Composer 2019
Matthew Thorne The Sand That Ate The Sea Composer 2019
THIS. Film Studio Save This Rhino Composer 2019
Sebastian Stern / ARD Bilder deiner großen Liebe Composer 2019
Juliano Nunes / Royal Ballet Bear Story II Composer 2019
Arini Kai Cullen Byng (indistinct chatter) Composer 2018
Michael Beets The Unknown Patient Composer 2018
The Voxel Agents / Tim Shiel The Gardens Between Piano 2017
Heathrow Airport Wonderers Composer 2017
Hewlett Packard / AMV BBDO Brothers Composer 2016
Michael Beets Jafri Composer 2016
Paul Gillett The Death & Life of Otto Bloom Piano 2016
Mario Marzo Trois Composer 2015
Sweetshop Bank of Melbourne – The Makers Composer 2015
Tim Shiel GameLoading Piano 2015
Thomas Rouch The Will To Fly Piano 2015
Nicholas Marks Village Roadshow Logo Piano 2014
Tim Stone Looking for Rubbish Composer 2014
Neil Triffett Liar Co-composer 2014
Cezary Skubiszewski Jeziorak Piano 2014
Kelsey James Orca Engineer 2014
James Pontifex The Meet Cute Composer 2014
Matthew Thorne Where Do Lilacs Come From Composer 2014
Cezary Skubiszewski Parer’s War Piano 2013
Tim Shiel Duet Piano 2013
Defence Force Recruiting / GPY&R Lead The Way Composer 2013
Centenary of Canberra / Blueboat Skywhale Composer 2013
GTV9 Giant Steps TV pilot Musical Director 2012
Tom Roach Reverse Runner Piano 2012
Alies Sluiter Blinder Piano 2012
Frances Anderson Almost Composer 2012
Alies Sluiter Mine Games Piano 2011
Paul Corley Purge Piano 2011
Bakari Theatre Með berum augum Composer 2011
Ben Frost World of Darkness Assistant 2011
Valgeir Sigurðsson Laxa Piano 2011
Alexandra Collier Underland Composer 2010
Zane Lovitt Children of the Eclipse Composer 2009
Cezary Skubiszewski Lionel Piano 2008
Myles Mumford / Wendy Woodson Shore Piano 2007
HSV7 Seven Tonight TV pilot Musical Director 2005